PFA Victims

Legal Help for PFA Victims

If you or your child face an immediate and present danger of abuse, we can petition p.f.a.for a temporary order for protection. It is not necessary to involve the other party at this point; the court can conduct an “ex parte” (i.e. “without the party”) proceeding resulting in temporary and fast protection.  An emergency p.f.a. petition may be filed with your local district justice or with the family division at your local court house. You can file a petition in the county where you live (permanently or temporarily) or work, in any county where the abuser can be served (i.e., where s/he lives or works), or in the county where the abuse took place.  However, if you are going to be asking the judge to remove the abuser from the home you share, you MUST file the petition in the county where your home is located.

Emergency order

If you need immediate protection when the courts are closed (such as on a pfa victimsweekend, late night or holiday), you can call your local police department or 911.  They will tell you which magisterial district judge is on-call that night, and provide you with the telephone number where you can reach her or him.  If the judge thinks you are in immediate danger, s/he may grant you an emergency PFA order.  An emergency order will only last until the next business day.  An emergency order is designed to give you protection until a court opens and you have a chance to ask for an ex parte temporary PFA order.  If you do not go to court on the next business day to apply for an ex parte temporary PFA, your emergency order will expire.**

Ex parte temporary P.F.A. pfa order

When you ask the court for a PFA order, a judge will give you an ex parte temporary p.f.a. if s/he finds that you or your minor children are in danger of further domestic abuse and need immediate protection.  “Ex parte” means that the judge will make this decision based only on the information you provide, without the abuser being in court.  This temporary order will last until your full court hearing for the final PFA where the abuser has an opportunity to testify and present evidence.  A hearing is usually scheduled within 10 business days.  If the abuser has a gun or weapon, be sure to tell this to the judge when applying for your ex parte temporary PFA so that the judge can order the weapon to be immediately turned over to the sheriff.

An ex parte PFA order can prevent the alleged abuser from entering property, contacting minor children and approaching the petioner. And the order and its protection remains in effect until the court conducts a hearing.

Final PFAorder

After a hearing in which you both have an opportunity to tell your side of the story through your testimony, evidence, and witnesses, a judge can grant you a final protection from abuse order (PFA).  A final PFA order lasts up to 3 years and can be extended under certain circumstances.

For effective legal help following PFA or family violence charges contact our office for a no-fee discussion of your case and concerns.

For immediate help contact the police.

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